Mystery Shopping: What Goes On in Your Stores When You’re Not There?

Whether you call it mystery shopping or customer audits or customer experience reporting, the idea is the same: you need audits that provide true depth and insight into the day-to-day operations of your store or stores.

They can’t take weeks to complete – you’ve got a business to run and no time to waste. And they can’t be generalized – you’ve got specific products to move, accessories to up-sell, and sometimes dealers or franchisors you need to satisfy. Your store audits need to be quick, accurate and thorough. And they need to provide you with actionable items and insight that help you make immediate improvements to your bottom line.

That’s exactly why the executive team at RBD launched Technology Store Shopper and MyVirtualDM… because as retail owners ourselves, we were tired of being disappointed by mystery shops that didn’t fit our business model and didn’t have the flexibility to do what we needed them to do.

Our mystery shoppers provide important feedback and identify actionable items that can immediately improve your ROI.

These two mystery shopping companies were created to bridge the gap between what we used to see in customer experience reporting and what we needed and wanted to see to move our businesses forward. They provide detailed, timely and accurate reports, evaluating performance where it matters most…on the sales floor.

Many Different Types of Mystery Shops are Available

Beyond general customer experience reporting, RBD can provide evaluations of customer phone followups, as well as audit and compliance shops, employee-specific shops, recorded phone shops, competitor shops, cyber shops, IVR shops and more. Have a specific need? Tell us so we can customize a solution for you.

Gain Valuable and Often Unexpected Insight

You might be surprised to learn what mystery shops can tell you. Use them to:

  • Know what your customers experience when you’re not there
  • Measure sales effectiveness and test product knowledge
  • Ensure goals, policies and on-floor expectations are met
  • Ensure customer experiences are positive, consistent and on target with vendor standards
  • Achieve operations and dealer compliance
  • Identify and replicate strengths while resolving weaknesses
  • Implement immediate changes to steer teams in the right direction
  • Recognize top performers and encourage positive behaviors
  • Perform merchandising audits
  • Evaluate your competitor’s stores
  • Identify profit opportunities
  • Reduce buyers’ remorse
  • Reduce churn
  • Spot and prevent fraud
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Solutions For Your Mystery Shopping Needs

RBD has the perfect mystery shopping solution for consumer electronics and technology store owners and managers, as well as any retailer that offers complex or subscription-based services.

Count on RBD when you need to evaluate the way technology is being presented and explained. Want to know if your salesperson puts the technology in the customer’s hands? Do they ask the right questions to evaluate customer needs? Do they match what they learn about a customer to a benefit the technology provides? How well do they incorporate accessories into the sale? The answers to these and many more questions are provided in a thorough, actionable customer experience report that can be customized to your needs.

You can also count on RBD when you need to evaluate how well your staff explains subscription-based services and products or any item that require a significant investment of time or money. Do you have a product that needs to be demonstrated properly for full effect? Do you have multiple stores and want to ensure a consistent customer experience across them? Is your service tied to the need for high-value, long-term customers? Do you have dealers or franchisors who have strict compliance requirements you need to know your team is following? Or do you want to use customer experience reports to see how well the sales teams in your dealer-owned stores stack up to the manufacturer-owned stores?

No matter what type of retail environment or sales process you have in place, our nationwide network of store auditors can provide you with customer experience reports that meet your needs. Get in touch with us today!